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    "If you're planning on attending Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco in January 2002, you may want to go ahead and register. If you cruise on over to the Macworld Expo Web site, you can register for
    an Exhibits Only pass for free from now through Oct. 15."


    [url=http://www.macworldexpo.com/]MWSF 2002[/url]
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    what ever happened to the mac gaming tourney? [nt]

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    It died an untidy death...

    The people who ran it really depended upon several things :

    1. The exhibition giving them fairly massive support by charging much less than the going rate for the square footage they needed to run the games.

    2. Somebody coming up with the cash for the aformentioned square footage as well as the transportation costs for the people involved, promotional materials they needed to produce, the cost of thier time and the rental costs for the booth materials (tables and such).

    3. Game makers needed to contribute not only the versions needed in the playing, but most of the 'prizes'.

    4. Somebody had to come up with 16-32 basically identical gaming rigs. Typically this meant near top end gear.

    Once #1 fell though it came apart like a house of cards.

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