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    By Brian Kelly

    Herald Writer

    CAMANO ISLAND -- A naked man found wandering around

    Stanwood Cinemas led police to his indoor marijuana garden

    after deputies asked the man what he did for a living, police

    said Wednesday.

    Deputies from the Island County Sheriff's Office said they

    removed more than 80 marijuana plants -- including 50 or so

    mature plants -- from a shed behind the 30-year-old man's

    home on Maple Tree Lane, a dead-end road on the south end

    of the island.

    The strange saga began Saturday night when moviegoers and

    diners in restaurants near the theater's courtyard reported

    seeing a naked man walking around the complex in full view of

    families dining out.

    When an officer approached the man and asked why he was

    walking around naked, the man reportedly said that he felt like

    it so he just did it. An officer writing the man a ticket for

    indecent exposure then asked the man what he did for a living,

    and he allegedly said he grew marijuana.

    According to a police report, the man then asked for the

    officer's help in harvesting the crop. The officer said he was

    too lazy to help but offered to go look at the man's operation,

    and the naked man agreed.

    In the outbuilding behind the man's mobile home, police found

    what they described as a "sophisticated hydroponic grow


    Deputies allegedly found numerous grow lights on timers, fans

    and a complicated watering system with a line running to each

    of the plants.

    Police said the man seemed proud of his operation, telling them

    that the system used no dirt, just lava rock, and he picked a

    large bud from a plant and handed it to an officer.

    In a written statement to police, the man allegedly said: "I

    grow marijuana for fun and profit, to support myself and my

    family, to help bring us a better life." He also said he was

    growing marijuana for his father, who had a disease, and for

    other "medically ill people."

    The man's wife told police she had never been inside her

    husband's shed, but that was where her husband did his

    artwork and practiced with his yo-yo.

    Deputies said they asked the man what he expected them to do

    after he showed them his garden, and the man said he didn't

    expect them to do anything.

    Police, however, confiscated the plants and growing

    equipment. The man was cooperative, they said, even helping

    to load the equipment into police vehicles.

    The man may be charged with manufacture of a controlled

    substance, but he is not named because charges have not been


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    Re: Funny stuff

    That is one mellow dude.

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    Jeez! This is a coincidence...

    "that was where her husband did his
    artwork and practiced with his yo-yo."

    That is *exactly* what I tell *my* wife.

    True story. When I was in college, I lived in in the upstairs half of a 2 apartment building with a couple of friends. One night, as I was exiting our apartment, I noticed a man with a blue jacket holding a german shepherd on a leash coming up the stairs. I was a bit mellow myself in those days, but I was calm. He looked up at me and said: "319?" I pointed downstairs. He turned around, and went to the downstairs apartment. After I had calmed myself sufficiently, I went back outside, to see a few vans, cars, etc. all filled with, uh, Johnny Law actually (of both the state and federal variety), in and around the downstairs pad.

    When I'd left earlier, I was on my way to a party up the street, so I decided to go ahead and attend. On the way I passed one of the residents of the downstairs place. He was a hippy kid, nice, but a true space cadet. I told him about the raid, and he just looked at me and said, "Oh, thanks dude." And kept walking towards his place. Found out that he was not only growing weed, but dealing acid. Heard he got 10 years in the fed. pen.

    That was about 1990.... Wonder if it's the same guy?
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