OK, I finally saw it... (spoilers)

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    I did my darndest to avoid the Planet of the Apes thread both here and in the private board a few weeks ago, but now that I finally saw it, I searched and read all 20 or so posts.

    OK, so I'm late to the party, but I figured I'd just say my peace.

    I had fun! Early on, I took it to be less serious a take on the story than I would have hoped, but I adjusted.

    I'll tell you something that probably paints me as a naive fool... when I was young and first watched Planet of the Apes, I never associated it as social commentary on race relations in our country. I mean, I'm a Latino growing up in the streets of NYC! My friends were of all different shapes and sizes and colors, so to me, POTA was just a great 'the world is upside down' picture... and the last image (Lady Liberty) impressed me as an anti-war message.

    Anyway, now in the remake, I see how Burton updated the race part of it... and now I *get* it and laugh along with his 'parallelisms'.

    I had some questions about the ending, but then I read Storm's post and boy, did he sew that puppy up real good. :) Even the Harry Knowles review I think missed the mark big time, but Storm's hypothesis was quite excellent! At the end, Mark's character paid for his selfishness. If he didn't insist on leaving, he would never have left a trail for another pod piloted by Thade to follow, hopscotching over him and creating the mess he found himself in.

    Anyway, is it a perfect film? Nah, but I didn't mind.

    What's weird is that I had *thought* I had heard that at the end of the flick there was going to be some funky inter-species sex going on... I thought the ending that was freaking people out involved Wahlberg impregnating Bonham-Carter. I never thought it could be the simple act of man kissing evolved ape. If that was the surprise everyone was talking about... or was it the ending? eh, I dunno.

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