[Spond!Max] I just discovered something

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    I was out of u-trou, so I borrowed one of my wife's pairs of thong style u-trou. I discovered why women wear them. When you fart, it makes NO SOUND! I figure women have to expell flatus the same as us guys, but they are often concerned with the often loud, ground shaking, kitty cat scaring, small child leveling sound that eminates from their bountiful buttocks. The thong rides right into the crack of your ass, and when you try to rip one, all that comes out if "fffffff" instead of "braaaap". Now you know why women wear thongs.

    This has been a public service announcement by your friendly neighborhood renegade old bastard. I just shaved my head, and I am watching MTV. What in the world did they put on that paper?
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    Nothing quite so relaxing as a good head shaving ;-) (nt) [nt]

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    Go for nards as well. [nt]

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    Re: Go for nards as well.

    aye ... there is nothing quite as exhilerating as a shorn scrotum
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