Need to do dynamic scatterplot on webpage...

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    I need a way to display an X/Y scatterplot on a web page.

    Specifically, I need to display a background image, and provide the user with buttons to determine which data set to display. The selected data set will cause icons to be placed at various positions on the background image. If I can't find a script that has all that functionality, I'll be happy to hack in whatever else is needed... I'd just rather not start from the ground up if at all possible, given that I currently have about zero experience in web client-side scripting and my Java is years rusty.

    While searching around I've found a couple of Java thingies that might work, but they are pretty heavyweight for what I need (while still lacking the specific features I want). Actually, just the fact that they use Java is overkill. I imagine this sort of thing could be done with JavaScript or some other webpage scripting, so that's what I'd prefer to use.

    Any ideers?

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    [b]Hmm[/b] has some potentially interesting links near the bottom... they only work in Netscape though. >:-(

    Still not that close to what I'm looking for, but maybe it will be instructive.

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    [b]Almost there... JavaScript/DOM undefined property problem in NS[/b]

    Aight, I've got something that works nicely in IE.

    In NS6 and Mozilla, it almost-sorta-works.

    The main problem I have is dealing with my need to mark various objects in the HTML with custom properties that can be read by the JavaScript. In IE it's simple. I can (for example) have color="blue" as part of the HTML markup for some element, and then in the JavaScript I can reference element.color and get "blue". In NS6 and Mozilla, though, element.color is undefined.

    I guess, as long as I'm autogenerating the various HTML objects, I could also autogenerate some JavaScript to programmatically add that property and the appropriate value to every object once the page is loaded. But gawd that would be lame.

    What I'm currently doing is storing the info in a standard property of the object that I don't happen to be using (like ALT for images). That's pretty competitive in the lameness department as well.

    It seems like this would have to be a known issue, and probably with a standard workaround, but I must be searching on the wrong keywords or something because I can't find anything. Help?

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