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    Can someone recommend a good set of not-too-expensive speakers I can hook on to my G3? Now that I've moved and the computer is in the basement office (two floors away from where Mrs. Bloodrain and the Blood Princess sleep), I don't have to use headphones. Any recommendations?
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    Depends on how much sound you want ;)

    If you just want a couple of speakers to throw on there, it doesn't really matter what you get. Just get something that doesn't look uber-cheap and you'll be fine. Logitech makes some nice ones.

    If you want a little more than that, like a 3-piece set with a subwoofer, Cambridge Soundworks and Altec-Lansing are two good brands.

    However, my personal preference has always been to hook my computer up through a sterio with an auxilury input. Switch between your gaming and your tunes with the touch of a button, and the sound quality is great.

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