So, my main hit lvl 60...

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    Whoot. Now, the fun of leveling needs to be replaced by the fun of gaining rep, doing high level instances/raids, and getting goodies.

    My first order of business is to emabark on a Warlock-only quest to get my epic mount... the Dreadsteed!

    Unlike the "free" mount a Warlock gets at lvl 40 (when everyone else has to pay 90g), this epic mount isn't free (but it's still not 900g like everyone else's). I need to buy a bunch of expensive items, and do some difficult quests. I think it will cost about 250g-300g in the end. Some items can be found or made by guildies' trade skills, and I've posted my needs on GuildAds. Some stuff I just have to buy. But, I'll be pestering you all to help me with the quest parts. Once I get my Dreadsteed, I'll gladly ride it all over the freakin place to help the lowbies level up!

    --Black Cat

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    I'm more than willing to help out however I can.
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