Satellite Internet more viable - Mac users too!

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    Though never hailed for it's latency speeds, for those of you that can't get DSL or Cable, it's your best bet for hi-speed-ish access. However, until now it was relegated to PC users only. It is no longer one-way, it is two-way, offering 400kbs speeds. The latency speed issue will affect those of you that would prefer to host online games... it usually can't be done, but who knows, this new system may have taken some steps to alleviate that:

    Model DW4020 Features Self-Hosted Operation and Ethernet LAN Hub

    This is great news and hopefully some of you Mac and PC users will benefit from it. A Mac user over at mentioned that the DirecTV/DirecWay sales person didn't have anything to sell just yet and to call back in a matter of days.

    What they mean by 'self-hosted' is that the old system forced you to add a proprietary PCI card in your PC. Now it's all self-contained, like mother nature intended. :-)

    I recall that Spam and I discussed Satellite. And Inf, maybe this will finally get you something better than the puny 56k connect you have now.

    - F

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    Re: Satellite Internet more viable - Mac users too!

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    Great, now we are getting spam messages here...

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