The Shark Bites: Requiem for a Dream

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    Posted this on IMDB after barely tolerating Aronofsky's sophomore release:
    If you subscribe to the masochistic belief that great art must be painful, then by all means, see Requiem for a Dream. If, on the other hand, you'd rather not spend 2 hours having Aronofsky pick at you like a scab, skip it. The director's intention is clearly to upset you, give you a headache, and instill in you a hatred of addictive behavior. He succeeds marvelously.

    Wayans, in the closing sequence of the film, vomits into a bucket of some white viscous somethingorother he's stirring.

    That about sums up my reaction to Requiem for a Dream.
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    Re: The Shark Bites: Requiem for a Dream

    I agree completely. Everyone told me that this movie was amazing and would change my outlook on life. The only thing it did is make me wonder if I had watched the same movie they were talking about. Not even gratuitous sex scenes with Jennifer Connelly saved this pile of "Say No To Drugs, Kids!" garbage.

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    you guys are nuts [nt] [nt]

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