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    On Friday, August 16th, Mariusnet will be celebrating 1 year of Myth Carnage. One year ago, Marius and I were ready to go public with our '3rd Party' server for the Bungie game Myth TFL. We've seen a lot of changes over the past year, including the addition of support for Myth Soulblighter, a ranking system for TFL and SB, many dot commands to enhance the user experience, and most recently a Co-op rank system for both TFL and soon Soulblighter as well. To celebrate, there will be 'door prizes' given away around noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm and midnight Eastern (must be online and active in the lobby to be eligible, prizes donated by Bungie (thanks Mordia and Max!) and Infininight.

    Also, there is a day long contest, starting at 7am eastern Friday and running until 3am eastern (Saturday morning if you want to call it that). What is the contest? Your mission, if you wish to accept it, is to beat as many different Bungie solo maps (you can play them solo or cooperative, your choice) on legendary difficulty. The person winning the most different TFL maps and the most different SB maps will
    each receive a prize. If you want to participate in this contest, the games *must* be played in a tracked room (tourney rooms are tracked) and you may be asked to verify your wins, so save the films!

    Prizes for the Coop Challenge - you get to have an easter egg command of your choice added to the Mariusnet Server (it does have to be in line with the mariusnet user agreement rules of course). The TFL winner will also receive an Autographed (by those Bungie employees still at Bungie who worked on the game) TFL v1.0 CD, suitable for framing. The SB winner will receive a Soulblighter miniature. If there is a tie for the most different maps won, then the person who got the most different maps won earlier in the day will be the winner.

    'Door Prizes' randomly rewarded throughout the day include Two TFL Wine Crate Press Kits (pine box branded with the TFL and Bungie logo, inside each is a TFL poster, soundtrack and holiday cards), 3 Myth 2 t-shirts, and a sealed Pathways Into Darkness game. Other surprises will be in store for the day. Call in sick to work, grab a few 12 packs of your favorite beverage and a box of Depends and log on to help us celebrate!

    To participate you must have a Mariusnet Account to log in, Stop by for more information.


    ps - there will be a web report running Friday so you can keep track how everyone is doing in the Coop Challenge.
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