Greetings from TO!

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    I made it as far as Toronto. I am posting to this board since the internet kiosk doesn't seem to understand how to log on to private sites :)

    SO, to those of you waiting in Chicago, no, I did not sleep in long enough to miss my flight (though I left little for margin of error) and I am on my way!

    Oh, and I locked gaze for an uncomfortable length of time with some gentleman here in the terminal whom I thought I recognized. I did. He was some CBC journalist who's name escapes me at the moment.

    Anywho, my 10 minutes are nearly up, so, SEE YOU ALL SOON, MWG gatherers.


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    I'm sorry, who are you? *nm*

    Bungie Sightings
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    [b]Re: Greetings from TO![/b]

    RUN, CHIEF, it's Ralph Benmergui!

    er... whoever you are.

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