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    I won't forget this

    Dear Trash,

    I see you forgot the nifty trash picture I found, so I've added it to your last two posts. I think you'll agree it's not every day you find a cartoon image of a pink trash can who is obviously craving some sort of sustinence (trash, perhaps?). I hand-edited your posts on the server this time, to avoid the command-line mishap that erased your last posts. I blame it on my bash scripting skills; obviously, they need some work!

    It gives me great pleasure to hear you say you won't forget these tender moments we've have. Next time you're getting into a shouting match with your neighbour, or yelling at the bus driver, or getting arrested by the cops for your latest hate crime, I'm sure you will look back on these adventures with a smile.

    I only wish that our example could serve as inspiration to our fellow Canadians. Here we are, Quebecker and Westerner, working hand-in-hand to solve our differences with words, not violence. Maybe one day we can meet, but I fear that your anger management issues may land you in a correctional institution before that joyous event can happen. Let's both cross our fingers.

    I have to go now, trashy (can I call you trashy?), so take care. Every time I see a garbage can or a refuse heap, I will think of you.


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