[Doobie] New Releases From Project Magma!

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    Project Magma is proud to present our latest releases for Myth II: Soulblighter:

    - Blue and Grey, an incredibly comprehensive Civil War conversion by IronDuke and Teepens,

    - Carnage Islands / Special Forces, a plugin using the Green Berets units by Ozone,

    - The Fallen Levels, a painstakingly accurate port of the all of the Myth: TFL soloplayer levels to Myth II: Soulblighter.

    All of these projects are available for download on our downloads page at projectmagma.net

    We are also pleased to announce the unveiling of a couple of other projects currently in development. Namely, The Siege of Or'Garnen, and our first offering for Myth III: The Wolf Age, WWIIi by khrome. More information on these projects can be obtained by visiting their respective pages linked to from our downloads page.
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