Mac users, show us your pref panes!


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    Been wanting to do this since Jaguar came out...What 3rd party system-enhancers are YOU using? What do they do for you?

    Here's what i have:

    SoS' prefs

    APE Manager: Application Enhancer Control Panel, allows other haxies to run. Currently in use by Audio Hijack Server (Sound recording), ClearDock (Custom Dock Backgrounds), Detour (see below), FullScreensafari (prevents cascading safari windows) & Mighty Mouse (see below)

    Detour: Allows you to pick audio output (Built-in, USB, card) and volume level for individual applications

    Key Xing: Allows you to assign system functions to keystrokes, also has a kick-ass google search built-in.

    Little Snitch: Notifies you of any unauthorized outgoing TCP/IP communications.

    M-Audio Revolution 7.1: Control panel for audio card

    Mighty Mouse: Allows you to customize cursors.

    PowerMate: driver for the USB control knob

    TinkerTool: Quick access to system-level functions (see invisibles, scroll arrows, etc)

    USB Overdrive: Allows different mouse button assignments for different apps.

    Visage: allows system level customizations of boot panels/strings, login panels, makes screen effects become backgrounds, etc.
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    [b]Re: Mac users, show us your pref panes![/b]



    I share some of your doodads. Some of my thingamajiggies aren't working right now because I installed trial versions and didn't bother uninstalling them. I might go back to them and see if I can use them or not...

    Apache2 - A panel that came with the build of Apache 2.0.46 that I installed. Used to start/restart server, view/edit logs and configs, change default editor for logs/configs.

    Fluid Theme Server - Came with the Fluid screensaver I installed. Not really needed since I don't have another MacOSX computer on my network... :)

    FruitMenu - An APE which allows customization of apple menu. My main reason for using it: Application Menu as Icon! No more File/Edit/View bouncing around as the Application Name changes! :)

    iBeeZz - Something I missed about OS9 that I ended up rarely using: Wake from sleep timer with options for launching apps/scripts.

    iChatStatus - What tune am I listening to? Check out my status in your iChat buddy list...

    LabelsX - Another os9 feature I rarely use anymore. Looks like it's back in 10.3!

    LiteSwitchX - Look ma, a Windows feature I like! And now it's improved, too! Brings up a popup window showing icons of open apps when cmd-tabbing, you can click a key to hide/quit/force quit apps whilst tabbing as well. Slick! Can also change document window layering.

    MenuMeters - CPU/Disk/Memory/Network usage meters in the Menu Bar. Actually, I don't have this on right now. My menu bar real estate on the 17" monitor is too precious. I used this all the time with the 21" monitor though. One day I'll have a cinema display and I'll turn it on again. :)
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    About mighty mouse?

    I have downloaded most of the pref panes that you have and they are really great :)
    But the one called mighty mouse, my favorite one, only works for a little while then resets to the default cursor :( Is there a reg key or something I need? If so can you give me one?
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    Re: About mighty mouse?


    Love your work. Don't know where I'd be without 'letter of the day'.

    I haven't experienced the issue you mention, although I have paid for the you suggest, it very well may be a 'timeout' issue if you haven't paid the shareware fee.

    Despite the respect I have for CTW, giving out my registration code would be both illegal and immoral...besides, Unsanity is one of the 'good guys' out there in the Mac shareware community. Paying them will support more development and more cool products down the line. Hey, it's only $10...that's only like 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

    Take care,

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    [b]Re: About mighty mouse?[/b]

    Despite the respect I have for CTW, giving out my registration
    code would be both illegal and immoral...besides, Unsanity is
    one of the 'good guys' out there in the Mac shareware community.

    As opposed to those nasty fiendish fiends at, say, Ambrosia and Freeverse, SoS? :)

    But yeah cookie, $10 isn't much money. SoS's (that looks hella ugly :) ) comparison is quite poignant. Basically spare change. So, you can't pay for it by simply wandering down to the corner store, but you can pay for it with credit card via the web, phone, or fax. Quite simple really, and quite cheap. I know I'd prefer the cookies, but I'm still trying to get a bit of bulk back. Uh...yeah.

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