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    OK, for real this time, I'm getting a headset soon. Thanks to those of you that commented on the other thread from a few months ago. I know there's a few more reading now and I wanted to try and get a few more comments, if possible!

    I hobbled along by using a laptop and lugging my iSight home (and back to work) for the mic, but I'd like to get a solution that works using only my desktop at home (PowerMac, not an iMac unfortunately or some of this would be solved already!). It's got 2 CPUs and WoW doesn't use all of the cycles, so it shouldn't slow me down in theory...

    • Comfort is probably the primary thing for me. I wear glasses too, which I've read can be a problem with some sets.

    • I can go USB or Bluetooth. I'm tempted to try BT, but the sets seem so cell-phone oriented (like mono-speaker). Maybe this isn't a big deal if the chat can be routed separately to the headset, but then there's the issue of picking up the main speakers on the mic.

    • It needs to work well with a Mac. :P I'm pretty sure diverting audio is an app-level issue since most of these newer sets show up as separate output devices, but let me know if that's not the case...

    • I'd like to keep it under $50, but it's not a hard limit.

    So, what are you all using? Do you like it or not?
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    ANY USB or Bluetooth device will work fine both on the Mac & Windows. Its a standard type of device, and presents no difficulties either way.

    As for Bluetooth devices, it seems most don't have a "wrap around and put it in your face" mic, it's a just an "area" mic with short range. It shouldn't get speaker noise much more than an "in the face" mic typical on USB headsets, so it's worth a try.

    Also, the Bluetooth thingiesonly sit on one ear, and I like to hear voice in both ears.

    I have a Plantronics USB headset that I like (DSP-400 Foldable PC Headset) for the following reasons:

    -- I listen to the game through my room speakers, and only voice through the headset. The ear pieces on the headset are "open ear" (not big cups that cover my whole ear) allowing me to listen to both the roon and the earpieces.
    -- comfy
    -- mute button the cord

    I saw this ( http://www.pocketnow.com/index.php?a=portal_detail&t=reviews&id=756 ) at MacWorld last year, and am tempted to try it out. It seems like it has everything my wired one does (open ear, stereo) but no dangly cord that I'd be inclined to run over repeatedly with my office chair wheel.
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