Borrowing Gold

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    I'd like to borrow gold for an epic mount.

    I dont have the time nor the resources I think to grind the money out myself, but what money I do earn during raids and pick up groups I will attempt to give back to whoever can assist me. Right now I'm selling a Totem of the Storm at the AH and some of my belongings to propel me a bit farther before I borrow. I'm at about 350g right now.

    I'm not sure who may be the capable person to ask about this, but I figured I might as well surrender and inquire about possible assistance.
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    I'm at 500g now.
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    hit me up in game, and I'll loan you what I can. No worries.
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    I'm broke ATM spending money on enchant mats... else i'd hit you up.

    if you hit like 700 and only need 20 more, ask I'll proly be able to swing that.

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