Alleria: July 10

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    For those of you who want to reunite your Horde 1.0 characters with our current stable of characters, according to this page Alleria opens up for transfer on July 10.

    I think I'll be transferring my shaman over, just for kicks. I don't even know if I'll enjoy playing him again, but my second highest character on Alleria is a low 50s Tauren Warrior, so that's pretty redundant. :)

    I suppose I should start the process of selling crap off on Alleria to help get some gold over. Alas, they're all pretty poor over there. And underequipped compared to Xetasi...

    Note: This will also mean that I'll have to transfer guild leader or disband the guild on Alleria. I'm assuming no one will care if we just disband over there...
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    I'm rdy to move Blackgato, my 57 hunter, over, but the goddamn queue has been clogged for days. I will do so as soon as it'll let me.
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