Fogs/Dogs/Friends vTFL Nite

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    Sorry for the short notice, but its tonight (we plan on it being twice a month).

    We plan on lots of ffa's, with some team games and co-ops thrown in - all vTFL of course :) You should only need the TFL Multipack and the Fallen Levels.

    All welcome to join in the fun ... on mnet of course.

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    Following the spectacular success (12 players for a good 4 hours of solid vTFL goodness) we're planning on another night this coming Tuesday on mnet.

    Required plugins are the above plus the Five Legends co-ops (visit for downloads). We're also thinking of trying some of the old Bushido FFA maps with Anticlump enabled, which slows down the units a tad and (duh) prevents clumping in melee.

    Should be fun - all welcome :)

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