omg sell outs!

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    (for a second time)

    Halo Wars (creative name guys!)

    You've probably all read it by now, but a Halo themed RTS is on the way from Ensemble. Built for the 360 and only the 360 right now, we won't have to be complaining about a Mac version never being developed. Well, unless you're one of those people who think inside the box and insist an RTS cannot under any circumstances be played on a console.

    I'm struggling to see how we'll control a zillion units using the game pad, but always eager to be impressed by intelligent design. No, not [i]that[/i] sort of intelligent design. You know what I mean. Context people, context.

    [b]If[/b] by some stroke of genius/creativity/courage we're given a game more along the lines of Myth than Age of Empires -- whose only real saving grace to mine was its history, cheap as it is -- and other derivative resource management strategy titles I'll be extremely impressed and move even faster to EB to buy a 360 when Halo 3 is released and snap, oh dear, "Halo Wars" up in no time. Otherwise, I'll be putting it in the same category as sequels and spin offs made for no other reason than to spin a buck.

    I'm a cynic and leaning towards the latter situation right now. Let's hope for the best though. OooOOooo, neo wights in the form of Flood!

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    I'm just pissed that the folks behind this are heralded for Age of Empires, something that's complete opposite to Myth. What was our line? "No GOLD, no WOOD!" Halo with resource management? Ugh. I'll give it a shot but my expectations are going to be pretty low.
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