Halo Game Night?

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    So I spoke with a few people on the CPHL server and
    a few showed some interest on maybe doing a Halo night.

    Eph was in and so was Black Cat, so that makes too.
    Other may have said yes, but my memory is horrible.

    So what do you say guys and gals?
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    Which platform are we talking?

    I'm out as far as Mac/PC Halo goes (the lil iBook that could just can't when it comes to modern 3D games), but I'd jump at the chance of some XBL destruction of my trans-Pacific pals.

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    I should have mentioned that the PC/Mac platforms are what
    we we're going for. Everyone has a computer but not everyone
    has an Xbox and Live account.
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    Absolutely. We used to have one, and it fell off, and then we tried again, and it never came together. I'm up for another shot.

    Ramses II
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    Yeah. Mori and I were sort of trying to get one going about a year ago... It happened a few times, but with not too many people showing up. I'd probably be interested depending on day and time.
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    As I said on CPHL, the good thing about Halo is that now that it's a couple years old, almost all of us (sorry Supercobra) have computers that are fast enough that it runs fine unlike a year or two ago.

    Count me.

    Monday night is probably the only night that's generally bad for me but it's not out of the question.
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