Dungeon Runners

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    The game just went public today. I have been playing it in beta for almost a month.
    With the latest release I can finally recommend it to you all.
    The coolest part of this 3D Diabloesque game is that it is totally Free. The "catch" is, if you want to be able to use/wear the top gear you find, you must pay $4.99 per month for the loot. You can set it up to be charged only 4.99 on a month to month basis and stop at any time. So, in theory, if you played the game for 10 months, you would only be paying the cost of buying any new game. Its online only and teaming up is simple, and on central servers, like battlenet. Too bad Titan Quest didn't go that route.

    Try it out, file planet has the file and a week of free access to the uber stuff.
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    I actually downloaded the client to this today to waste time while waiting for a phone call, before I drive to Philadelphia. My thoughts were it was something that I might be able to get the GF to try. I found it to be surprisingly fun and simple. Seems like it might be worth looking into more in depth.

    Also, I should mention that in my brief play-time, i found a decent amount of stuff that was 'Member Only' (Paid for game.) I was cruising through as a mage on insane difficulty (there are 4 which can be swapped out in pseudo-real-time (Normal, Formidable, Extreme and Insane) each of which make tougher monsters and more loot. The second dungeon thing decided to tell me STFU and I died promptly.

    To me I would describe it as a simple MMO Diablo, but it is fun.
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