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    Hi groovers,
    This is coming at a rather fruitless time with Halo 3 twenty...three days away, but I picked up a new iMac the other day and am looking for some games to push its power. The titles I was enjoying on the previous machine (white G3 iBook) finally feel dated.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm spending too much time thinking about other forms of entertainment.

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    Buy a copy of Windows, install Bootcamp, and play Med II. The Kingdoms expansion just came out, it'll push your hardware, guaranteed. :)

    Ramses II
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    Will it be fun though? (That was a requirement I thought could go without saying ;) )
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    I'm digging the original. It's got a battle map that is the closest thing to Myth's on the current market, although you command units of men rather than individual soldiers. It's got a campaign map that is Civ-Light-ish. The only downside for the expansion is you have to buy the original and they switched to SecuRom 7 copy protection for Kingdoms.

    Also it's got a huge mod community with lots of high quality mods already out, and even more in production. If you want a taste of the game you can probably buy the previous iteration (Rome: Total War) for pretty cheap even with it's expansions, although it isn't nearly as pretty.
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    Grr, Rome. I've been waiting patiently for a Mac port so I could play that game for years. Guess I have no excuse not to try it now. Just as soon as I find a copy of XP or whatever, anyway.

    I can already feel the hours slipping away from me.
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