Dipomacy Game?



  • Ready to roll here.

    Since facebook is rather public, email is probably the best way to get me. :-p ilkhanike@yahoo.ca

    No finding me on WoW, I kicked the habit a few months ago! ...only to fall immediately back into another addiction called EVE. Hah.
  • I'm good to go and ok with pairing with someone to make sure everyone can play!
  • Interestingly enough there's a Diplomacy facebook app. This link should work:


    I have not tried it because I didn't think to look it up until Ike said the F word.
  • well if anyone wants to mentor Vrag. Please let me know. You can just claim me here, and then we can do the e-mail thing.
    JRB (AT) jrbeaudry.com
  • edited June 2009
    'ello 'ello,

    I see you miscreants are up for another round of this. I'll get reacquainted with the program again tonight, then we can figure out country assignment. Should be fun! (until the backstabbing starts)
  • That's WHEN the fun starts...
  • I think last time around it was two moves per week. Let me know if that's still the preferred format, and which days would work best. Also, let me know when you'd like me to do the country assignment. Unless there are objections, I'll just use a random number generator to assign them.
  • I vote for country assignments anytime... let's get this show on the road.

    1 year per week seems a bit ambitious, but as long as people are somewhat active about the game, it should be pretty doable.
  • Whatever you guys want is fine by me. As for country assignment, I just wasn't sure if people wanted to hop on CPHL and do it 'in person' as a group or if I should just do it and post it here.
  • I'm indifferent on the assignments, anyway is fine with me. I'd invite someone to join my team, but... then you'd end up tarred by what I get up to in the game. :)
  • I think in the past we found that any slower than two moves a week and the game drags on forever, but any faster and people tend to NMS, followed by inevitable and crushing defeat.

    I vote for just assign us countries, I don't need to see it live :)
  • Yeah just assign it to us. :-p
  • Okay, I'll be doing the picks tonight at about 11 pm Eastern. Feel free to hop on CPHL if you want.

    The one 'rule' I've added to the script is that no one can get the same country as they had last game. I'll just assume everyone is okay with that unless I hear otherwise between now and then...
  • Apologies for the delay, here are the country assignments:

    Wang: Italy
    Kalli: France
    Conner: Russia
    Ike: Germany
    Moridin: England
    Ramses: Turkey
    Blackbeard: Austria
  • so when are the first moves due ?
  • I'm still waiting for you folks to speak up as to what days work best for you!
  • uh, what were they last time? (:

    Spring moves Tuesday, Fall Moves Friday? dunno...
  • Sounds good to me, Guv'na.
  • my email address is tt_snyder@yahoo.com - you can find me on facebook, or AOLIM (user name ttoddsnyde) or HL (usually with the name QuadConner, account 'snyde').

  • Woot! Mori and I are the brits! We get to act all stuck up and eat bad food and have bad teeth.

    This *is* a roleplaying game, right?
  • Quite right, old bean!
  • oh brother....

    um, pass the vodka!
  • Going to need everyone's contact info in this thread. You already have mine and conner's.
  • tjfday@gmail.com
  • damn dude, i go away for a day or two and there's like 30 new posts!

    Ok, my email is mikesheley@yahoo.com

    I will try to be on CPHL more when I am home.
  • heh, I started a new thread so it would be cleanly in one place ... but ah well.
  • it' ok, Muffin found it and promptly cluttered it up ; )
  • heh! The division of 'categories' on this forum does leave something to be desired (:
  • umbleego@gmail.com
  • Tuesday and Friday sound good to me. First set of moves due 11 pm Eastern on Tuesday.
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