Check this Out - Staghelm Guild Rankings

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    Clan PLaid FTW!
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    I noticed that link too, while surfing the Staghelm WoW boards.

    It's pleasantly surprising to see that we're 6th by average rating, and if you only count those with 10 or more participants, we're only beaten by Warstomp PvP. (An obviously PvP oriented guild)

    I had no idea we were such rank h00rz.
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    With my 0 ranking and 0 HKs, I'm really dragging everyone down.

    Go me!
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    Actually, you're not. This ranking calculation is only using those present in the WoW PvP Rankings page, which is the top 1000 for each side for each server. Note that it only says CP has 11 members, as we have 11 in the top 1000.

    I think I'm about to do my part in pushing us upward. I'm feeling a PvP binge approaching rapidly on the horizon. I want honored with Defilers and Warsong Clan, damnit. An officer rank would be nice too.

    Meadow = reputation wh0re.
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