The Staghelm Compact

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    This idea has been smoldering for a couple weeks now, since I've gotten offers from Council of Elders and Filthy Horde for Clan Plaid to go raiding with them. Rather than split our raiding time between them, or choose between the two, I thought it better to join forces in a new triumverate.

    It's time to start the ball rolling:

    For the password, check the current Guild Message of the Day on Staghelm...
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    Is the ball still rolling? Can we give it a shove...?
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    Alas, the idea has no traction.

    Council of Elders has respectfully turned down the offer.

    Filthy Horde has lost a few members who were interested in end-game instances to Sicarri, and there doesn't seem to be much interest.

    Oh well.

    I suggest any Plaid interested in end-game 20- and 40-man instancing sign up for raids on Sicarri and Council of Elder's websites.
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