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    Hails All!

    If you have not yet heard, Vragak has not left Clan Plaid for Deus Ex machina.

    Marrana left before me, and talked to me about it. I talked to one of their members about the guild and decided I would like to stay with Plaid. Basically they are a laid back guild getting ready to start raiding and stuff. Picking up some Ex-sicarri's and other select cool people.

    Please add me to your Friends List, becasue I have an ego. I would gladly run instances with you all at any time... as you already know.

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    edit: nevermind! :)

    Edit2: i think I broke something in the thread....
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    edit: nevermind! :)
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    Waluin wrote:
    I forgot to update the message of the day, and for that I appologize. In hindsight, heh, I'm sure it wasn't exactly the smoothest thing to forget.

    Indeed, it was confusing, what getting my stack of silk ready then not seeing your name pop up on my mail list.

    I have a lot of respect for Sicarri, or at least what is left of it. Saying Deus Ex is a pale shadow of what they were is an understatement, but the people are solid and they remind me quite a bit of #CP# folks. I want to help them rebuild, if possible, and develop strong ties hopefully between us and them. Staghelm is reaching an age of critical mass, and medium range guilds are collapsing under the weight of larger, super-guilds like Blighted. I know quite a few of us are in positions now where we need to raid more, and hopefully this will be the beginning of joining forces, ensuring that we can maintain a level of functionality without having to be guild-serfs at the whim of larger raiding clans.

    Frankly, I'm pissed off disappointed.

    You've been moaning for weeks about not being able to come back for us simply because you don't have the blocks of time to devote to raiding and the first thing you do is jump ship to "greener" pastures in order to raid??

    What would have been wrong with spearheading an effort to organize a Clan Plaid centric alliance of raiding guilds? I attempted this last month, but it didn't gain momentum and I didn't have the time and energy to try and evangelize it more. Perhaps with more support it would have taken off.

    I hesitate bringing this up on an open forum, but what the heck, here it goes. In my view, Deus Ex Machina is going nowhere. In about a month's time they will be disbanded and most members absorbed by blighted and/or scattered throughout other guilds.

    You are quite correct, they are a shadow of the former Sicarri and though I respect a few of their members, the ones I know/respect the most didn't join them.

    Between work and the missus I don't have time for anything outside of PUGs and whatever we can muster. I'm hoping this will eventually provide a solid networking momentum for scheduled events that I can meet (and of which anyone is invited to attend). Vrag's life and mine, while differing on the particulars, are engaged in a mutual fact: we want to start being more proactive, but our lives are geared more now to scheduled events than randomly canvassing about looking for work in Ogrimmar's breadline.

    So in short, for me, nothing has changed really. Just to make sure we're all square here, I'm still for all intents and purposes a Plaidie. And this change applies, obviously, just to World of Warcraft. Plaidies get priority, attention, and help from me. If someone needs to do an instance as a group for one solid push to 60, I'm there. Everyone has been added to my friend's list. If Blackcat wants to do a Strat run and doesn't have enough dudes I'll help him out first, or more importantly invite him to any kind of endeavor that Deus Ex is fielding at the time or upcoming.

    If it's a huge issue, and I doubt it is, I can switch back to the #CP# tabard whenever necessary.

    Also, for the love of Pete, does anyone use Giz anymore? I miss talking in real time to you lugs.

    Let me say right here, that I very much appreciate the tone of the last few paragraphs here. I am mollified, yet still chagrined. :)

    I noticed last night we had just as many people online as DXM did. I really don't understand the point of joining them. But, as always, we at Clan Plaid are a tolerant and fun-loving bunch and always welcome back all our lost sheep with open arms.


    for Clan Plaid, The Guild Where Drama Always Has a Very Short Half-Life
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    Well I guess I'll come right back then
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    First off, I think everyone should do a /join ClanPlaid straightaway. It'll give our strays a chance to keep in touch. A simple /chatinfo 4 (or whatever channel number it is for you) will show who's there even if you're on an alt or have joined the new uberguild SHARKSWITHLASERSPEWPEW.

    But seriously, as cool people we'll all get invites to other guilds now and then. I thought long and hard about it and decided to stick with clan plaid. I still get to do raids, and I get to do them with several different guilds if I want to. I can instantly see who is where and use guildads to check out who has what skills and needs what loot. I have a long friends list to take advantage of for pickup groups.

    My reason for "joining" another guild would be for raiding... at this point. Since there are guilds that will let me sign up and give me DKP as if I was a full member, I don't see the point of doing a /gquit. The bigger the guild the more effective it can be at raiding, but the bigger the guild the bigger the chance you're in there with people chosen for their SKILLZ and equipment as much as their personality. I like knowing that in /g there's no one (except darklord) that I have to avoid because they rub me the wrong way.

    If we do all hop in with DXM or Blighted or SHARKSWITHLASERSPEWPEW then we could still find just the plaiddies in our own ClanPlaid channel. We could bond more closely with the rest of the guild we had chosen to join. It would be easier to be included in group stuff. There are advantages for sure. But I don't think I'll be doing that unless we collectively agree to merge with another guild en masse. It makes sense for Garu, who plans to spend most of his time doing serious raiding. I don't think it makes sense for those of us who play more casually.

    I don't think anyone will be angry if people do their own thing, just sad that the official guild roster is a little shorter. We'll be glad to throw you invites to stuff... if we remember to check if you're online ;)

    The Deacon
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    Dont worry im back for good, my misguided attempts at diplomacy will occur no longer :)
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    I'm sticking with what I wrote in that other thread about possible mergers. I have a rogue on Llane that's in a great endgame guild and doing all the cool 40-man stuff. That meets all my uber loot needs.

    So I won't be leaving CP and if we merge with anyone else just assume I'd like to come along :)
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