Now for something really important...


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    Thank you MuffinHead!

    I know it's not complete and there still lots to do (hint, hint, pitch in, hint, hint) and I know there were lots of contributors along the way, but no one was able to really get us this far. Thanks for all the blood, sweat, tears, and kicks in the ass. Keep it up :)

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    I'd like to thank the Academy...

    Thanks also to everyone else who's gotten the site this far... you know who you are. I'd name names but I gotta catch a bus...


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    It really is very nice

    As someone who's not contributed at all to the new site while still being vaguely annoyed at our old site's state of decrepitude, I extend a hearty cheer from the sidelines. Huzzah!

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    Congrats for a Job Well Done!


    Sweet Job.

    Thank you, Muff and all the other contributors.

    Our new diggs sure look sweet. I think I'll stay. :)

    For FUN and Honor!

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