Team Fortress 2

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So, I've been having quite a good time playing TF2, and not experiencing any of the drawbacks that have been mentioned here (maybe a patch cleared some things up?).

The one drawback is I currently only have one person I know who plays it at all. Random people are okay, but well-known targets and teammates are much preferred! So who amongst the Greater Plaid Community is into this game?


(My SteamID is borreson)


  • Oh, regarding random people, I'm rather shocked to say that I've seen a remarkably low occurrence of total raving asshats compared to any other FPS I've ever played. Weird, huh? The most annoying behaviour I've witnessed is people spamming the "Medic!" command.
  • I have it for 360. If you are 360'ing TF2, lemme know when and I'll join you once in awhile. Been playing a lot of RB and GH III lately though.
  • I haven't even touched it yet. I'm not finished with Episode 2, and I'm still randomly poking at Portal's challenges (Least steps! Can't finish them) and futzing with MTWII, but eventually I'm going to get some games of TF2 in.
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    That's PC TF2, btw and I'm ramsesiicp on Steam, I think.
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