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    I'll be without Internet (GASP) starting Friday and ending the week of Thanksgiving. But I'll be gone thanksgiving to visit Magan's family. So expect me back online, if you care, the following Saturday evening (26th) Sunday (27th) after turkey day. I'm moving our stuff to columbus this weekend for my new job there.

    That is all.
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    and you will be lowbie! All the hunters will be decked out in Divine/Holy/Supreme Priest gear!
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    Frankly I need the break. Moving to columbus alone is stressing me out, as Fire Chief will attest. I'll miss you guys though.

    See you in about a week.

    Wally out.
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    <--- Just rolled a 76 on some Devout stuff last night. some ninja Priest hit a 83 though, that NINJA! Devout is such a good hunter item!

    Note: If you ever hear me say that please slap me.
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