Dipomacy Game?



  • Correction: I'll make it 10 pm Pacific on Tuesday, 1 am Eastern, to allow the west coasters more time in the evening.
  • Also, let me know what you guys would like saved for posterity - screenshots showing moves for each season, or what have you. Maybe we should have a separate thread here where I can just post a screenshot for each turn, and the associated game file, and keep it free of comments?
  • That sounds like a good idea. It'll be handy to look back and see the state of the board on previous turns.
  • Cauld are you on facebook?

    I've missed your life commentary!
  • Hehe, nope, I'm ethically opposed to facebook. You're just going to have to show your face on CPHL again. Get on there, ya git! :)
  • We don't have everyone listed yet.
  • mcgeed@gmail.com

    and germany will never pass my maginot line, just like they never passed...um, well...i'll never surrender just like...well at least i can beat the british like napole...damn! if history is any indicator i'm totally screwed.
  • Turn posted. Next moves due 10 pm Pacific on Friday.
  • edited June 2009
    When are retreats/builds due after the Fall with this schedule?
  • I'll note that reading over the rules, it states that retreats are to be 'immediate' - as in no diplomacy or discussion is to take place (though you could discuss it with others before the fact). It also says that "as with retreats, gaining and losing units are written and exposed simultaneously without discussion or diplomacy of any kind." I don't think we did it this way in the past, I'm flexible, but we should clarify how we want to do it.
  • On that note, here's a proposed schedule for retreats and builds:

    Wednesday: Retreats
    Saturday: Retreats
    Sunday: Builds

    Any objections?
  • Starting this turn, I'll also reply to all emailed orders, to confirm that they were received.
  • Just a quick comment... in order for the program to properly recognize the moves, they should be sent either as



    <country>: <move>
    <country>: <move>
    <country>: <move>

    If you send it to me in either of those formats, it will minimize the chances of me making a mistake, as I can just C&P directly from the email into the client without having to construct the proper syntax in between. :)
  • I'm moving this weekend, and internet won't be hooked up in the new place yet, so I'll be off the grid Saturday and Sunday. If you email me and I don't respond, please attribute it to that and not any scheming on my part :)
  • Yes I was, and I expect to get paid overtime!
  • Don't worry Caul, the CP overtime program is great. It's not just time and a half, it's actually TRIPLE your base pay!!!
  • Guys,

    My mother and sister are visiting me here in England for the first time (their first time out of the states!) and we are going away to a bed and breakfast for the weekend. I don't think they have internet, so I am going to try and find some free wifi, but it may be difficult for me to get back on until Sunday.

    I am ignoring you!

  • I think you meant to say you _aren't_ ignore them. :)
  • Are we still continuing with this? Ike seems to have abandoned the game, and nothing happens anymore anyway...
  • I won't be too heartbroken if we make it a big draw.
  • Well shoot BB, let's attack Ike. What'dya say?
  • sounds good ; )
  • I haven't abandoned it, I just keep forgetting to get my turns in since I do the same things over and over, at least for the moment. :-p
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